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Film Studies for Free: “Storytelling sans frontières? On Adaptation, Remaking, Intertextuality, and Transmediality”
by David T. Johnson

One of the indispensable resources for cinema and media scholars online is Catherine Grant’s Film Studies for Free website, and her twitter account just recently drew attention to a 2009 collection of links on adaptation and intertextuality.

Here is a link to the original post:
Storytelling sans Frontiers

She also has a very recent post on pastiche that people might find of interest:
All that film pastiche allows

Grant has also been doing pioneering work in the video-essay form for film and media scholarship.  See her videos here.

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Nico Dicecco is currently pursuing doctoral research in English at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. He received his M.A. in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies from McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada), and his B.A. in English from York University (Toronto, Canada). His current work centers on the study of adaptation as process: as an active form of figuration that both creators and audiences use to frame and interpret new narrative experiences in terms of familiar structures and pre-existing works. As the area of adaptation studies is relatively young, this research aims to assess current methodologies and develop new theoretical models and pedagogies to support future work in the field. This project brings together performance theory, literary theory, print culture, visual culture and media studies to ask questions about critical literacies, spectatorship, materiality and narrative form.

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